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Structured Data Systems

LJB Offer a comprehensive service installing and maintaining structured computer and network cabling. As the central core to any network, its important that this vital backbone is installed correctly and as effectively as possible.

LJB has years of experience installing Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat7 networks and fibre networks from small office environments to data centre environments and we apply this experience to every stage of the install process. All installations are thoroughly surveyed and network maps of all infrastructure created to maximise network efficiency whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

All equipment and data products are thoroughly certified with industry accredited equipment and full commissioning paperwork is provided to the customer. Not only does this ensure the cables are installed to our exacting standards, but also that its of the highest level attainable. This allows as much "future proofing" as is allowed within the budget and scope and meets or exceeds ISO/IEC 11801.

LJB leverages it's experience in the IT and security sector and offers a full package of structured data solutions which includes end user equipment, server installation and configuration and IP telephone systems.

Fibreoptic Network Installation

LJB Technologies offer comprehensive Fibre optic cable installation packages varying from installation to testing. Fibre optic backbones are rapidly becoming the standard technology for network infrastructure where it was previously the exclusive of large data centres.

LJB's portfolio includes small industrial infrastructure links between buildings and encompasses even fibre to desk installs for some of the most demanding tech clients. Although it is not a fragile medium, optical-fibre cable must be carefully and expertly installed to realize its full potential.

All of our fibre cable is thoroughly tested using Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Testing and Insertion Loss Measurement (ILM) Testing. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to the job at hand.

We offer structured maintenance plans and offer time critical SLA's when required for critical installations.

Managed IT Solutions

LJB can offer a fully managed hardware rollout of computer equipment. Whether it's one PC or a thousand, we develop a structured roll out plan to maximise efficiency and value for money whilst ensuring the most minimal down time.
LJB look at a desktop replacement project as more than just swapping out a piece of desktop hardware. We appreciate that, if not managed properly, the process can have a negative impact on the productivity of your workforce, which is something that we aim to avoid in every scenario. Our certified engineers will make this process as smooth as possible.

If you require ongoing maintenance of your server equipment or installation of new equipment, LJB work with closely to find the right equipment for your company. It is important the right hardware is specified and we will look after the install process from specification to ongoing maintenance. Our certified engineers will guarantee that your install is smooth from start to finish.

If capital investment long term is outside project scope or budget, LJB offer fully hosted cloud solutions for short term projects or to ensure redundancy of network critical equipment. With cloud based server deployment, SLA's of less than an hour are possible with fully mirrored replacements deployed on hardware failure in minutes that would normally take hours to repair.

In the modern technology environment it's often important to be as flexible with hardware as it is location. It's important to be able to access all the applications and data from anywhere. The best way to do this is with Desktop as a service (Daas).
This platform provides organisations with many options for home-working, “hot-desking” and other flexible working environments. Rather than you investing in costly internal IT system, it becomes possible to effectively rent IT as a service, on a subscription basis. Remote Desktop allows you to simply pay for the number of users and the programs required.